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WHO TO WATCH: Claire Brosseau

Claire Brosseau
Claire Brosseau was in her early 20’s when she floated from Montreal to New York and back again.  She worked steadily as an actor in stage and television until age 28, when she wanted to expand her artistic horizon.  Brosseau then moved back to Montreal and eventually to Toronto and decided to give stand up comedy a try.  Seven years later she is working full time as a comic for Yuk Yuk’s and Funny Business.  Her goal as a comedian is to write and perform comedy that she believes in and thinks is funny.  To date, she is moving up the comedy ladder, and is growing as a comic but also as a self promoter! .

This week Brosseau is at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and she is honoured and humbled to be part of such an amazing festival.  She reminisces to when she first tried comedy, soon realizing that it was much different than acting.  On stage as a comic, five minute seems like an eternity her first time up.  She performed without telling anyone for quite awhile, until she was comfortable in her stand up and felt she had found her voice.  

Claire Brosseau
When Brosseau moved to Toronto, she was invited to attend the Just For Laughs Homegrown Comedy Competition.  She had done the amateur stage a few times at Yuk Yuk’s Toronto, and then met with Mark Breslin, and together they agreed that they would make a good fit.  She feels Breslin and the Yuk Yuk’s chain would be able to support her and provide opportunities she would not get on her own.  She signed on in 2007 and is still happy working with them today.

While living in New York in her early 20’s, Brosseau lived across from the Comic Strip, and would go and see Louis CK, Todd Barry, Maria Bamford, and Sara Silverman.  She  is happy that she had this opportunity to see these amazing comedians before they were big stars, and know them from their small sets.

JH5 has watched and is a fan of Brosseau, who was profiled in the article on Women and Dark Comedy.  While we have enjoyed her comedy, we have also watched her intelligent promotion called, a blog about her Manbaatical.  On May 18th, 2010, she decided to take a one year hiatus from ALL MEN!  She did not begin substituting women (sorry Kathleen McGee), but actually kept away from all sexual partners for one year.  As promoters we are drawn to the marketability and promotional genius of this venture. When asked about the Manbaatical, Brosseau states that the Manbaatical 
started as a personal thing, but it also crossed her mind that it would make a great public story.  She blogs regularly, and takes many hits from people who think she is lying and is having a plethora of fornication, or those who find the entire blog crude and inappropriate.  (to which JH5 says, “Don’t read it then”). Through this year she has learned quite a bit about herself, especially that she can set a goal and follow through.  That said, she is pretty horny and can’t wait for May 18th, 2011 to come! 
Claire Brosseau
Perhaps it is all the time away from men talking, but Brosseau states that she is eventually looking forward to settling down, finding the right man, and having 1-3 
children.  (when asked if she wants mine, she politely declines).   She feels her career is moving up, and a lot of great things are happening for her.  She wants to keep growing, and eventually would like to keep doing festivals, and growing as a comedian, but just admits she eventually hopes she finds a time when her passion and work for comedy turns to increased revenue, so she can settle down and have those kids!

Claire Brosseau is found all over this fine country at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Clubs, or to book her for a corporate event, please contact

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