Thursday, July 28, 2011

Round 4: Halfway Point

Last night was another electrifying night at Yuk Yuk's Ottawa.  Every seat was full, and the audience was as diverse was a Glee episode!  Everyone was enjoying their time before the show, and then the Rolling Stones came on the speakers and people knew it was time to slow down their chatter, because when "Paint it Black" starts playing, it's close to showtime!

The evening's host and MC was none other than David Rotenberg.  Sorry, make that RABBI David Rotenberg.  So, a Rabbi walks into a bar......and starts telling jokes!  Rotenberg has a strong presence on stage, and  has many hits with his jokes on Jewish holidays.  He gets heavy laughs when he talks about his time in the competition where he did not move forward but was then asked to host.  He does good crowd work and is ready to introduce.................

39 year old Colin O'Brien, who starts by talking about his lack of ass, and how he is a skinny guy (he really is) but still has fat on him, but no muscle.  He recalls the skinny ass bit later on and it goes well.  This guy gets better each time on stage, and may be someone in the future to watch out for!  Second up was............

Josh Williams, who does his jokes on his size, his love life, and  "racism making a comeback".  He gets great audience response, and handles it exceptionally well when they "aww" one of his self-depreciating jokes feeling bad for him, and he says "guys, I wrote the joke, it's not like I am sitting around the keyboard crying while writing it".  He did a great job.  Next up was.............

Newbie Robbie Stevenson.  He is a young fellow who looks like Shaggy from the Scooby Doo cartoons.  Slow start but gets some groans from some of his joke.  He goes very dark in trying to do some "pro" women abuse jokes, which do not play well with anyone.  He recovers with a few more laughs, and out comes..............

Kris Kinsbury.  Kinsbury has been around for awhile, and his jokes play well with the audience.  I have to leave to print some posters highlighting the changes to the fall Wednesday night sign in process, so unfortunately had to miss..........

Mike Lynch, but judging the close scores, I am guessing he did very well.

Rotenberg does some more jokes, all to good success, while moving the process to the professional comedians who will be "duking it out".  It should be noted there are usually three professionals per show; however, due to family issues one had to drop out, so all that was left was..........

Alex Wood and Dave Atkinson.  Both these comedians are strong and "never fail" in their comedy.  They are also friends and are not thrilled at "one wins one loses" that comes with only two participants.   That said, they bring an exceptional game this evening.  Wood, whose charm on stage knows no bound, hits the crowd with copious laughter over his material on applying for Chapters.  It is my new favourite bit of ANY comedian.  Wood is on fire!  But wait, out comes Atkinson, who hits joke after joke after joke and his theatrical training gives him a dynamic not all comedians have.   To say it was close between these two is a severe understatement.   

While tabulating the judges scores, Egyptian comic Wafik Nasralla entertains the crowd with some new material.  Then Rotenberg comes out and..............

Amateur Winner is Josh Williams, and second place is Kris Kinsbury.   Colin O'Brien was a very very close third, but alas only two move on.

For the professional Atkinson takes the win, and we are all happy for him, he has worked hard won the crowd and judges over tonight more than anyone else.  That's that thing about comedy, no one, especially Atkinson, will say he is a better comic than Wood, or Wood better than him; however, on any given night, someone just hits the stage stronger, or wins the crowd over more, and for that night is the champion, but overall, they are all winners for showing up.  Except the real winner is Atkinson, because he won.

Tonight was one of those nights in comedy that you sit back and really enjoy.  Sitting back and watching a full house at Yuk Yuk's is always a treat, but watching the crowd really enjoy themselves, well that is something that makes the heart stir just a little bit.  Every comedian, whether professional or amateur, works hard on creating a craft; an art form that they wish to entertain the crowd with.  When the crowd is in full enjoyment of that art form, everyone wins, and we have Yuk Yuk's to thank for bringing it all together.

As the nights are filling up, it's best to make a reservation at 236-(LAFF).  Two more weeks of prelims and then out comes the semi finals!  See you there!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jenn's Thoughts: What doth make a hack?

People write jokes about a multitude of subjects.  Mostly about sex, but still, a lot of other subjects come up.  I was on an amateur show once (like I am ever on any other kind!) and did a short joke on sex life after 11 years of marriage.  During that same show, three other comics did very similar jokes about sex after three year's of marriage.  Wait a  But mine was original!!!!!  I talked about ENJOYING sex after 11 years!  Please don't tell me I'm a hack, oh dear, all that time writing and all I come up with is the same thing other boring married people come up with?   The point here people is don't get married...I mean I love you Joshy Woshy.............

What is a hack?  The word "hack" is derived from the British term "hackneyed" meaning, "over used and thus cheapened, or trite".  Hacks are well known in the comedy community for either doing old stale jokes, or in some cases such as that famous dude, Mr. Cook, steal them.  Quick interesting side note:  I saw an old clip growing up of a very young Chris Rock doing material verbatim from Eddie Murphy Raw.  VERBATIM.  At a young age I knew that was wrong.  Obviously he found his own way, but even someone as funny as he (okay I don't really think he is that funny, but many other's do) was a hack to begin with.

In this example of overused jokes such as sex life, they say it becomes less hacky if you have an original twist on it.  Other hacky type topics are "I am half this ethnicity and half that ethnicity", "wow, IKEA instructions sure are silly", and "Costco:  they make you buy big stuff.".  Interesting note:  some of my fave locals and travelling comedians have jokes I really like on these subjects, so maybe they are not hacky as they have an original take on it.  Shockingly, I have two jokes out of the three topics.  Such a  hack.  Thank god for my original jokes about adoption, and my vagina!  Oh wait, vagina might come under hack material too!  Oh dear (fretting now............)

Let's get to the point.  Maybe these jokes are overused because many comics base their jokes on their lives and witty observations.  There is nothing wrong with this; however, perhaps the problem is that WE ALL HAVE THE SAME BORING ASS LIVES!  Maybe we need to live a little bit!  I would never, in a million years, have a joke about circle jerking,  Bukakki, Cleveland Steamers, or other potential disgusting acts.  Those people have LIVED; disgustingly so, but they have lived.  

The other way to get around this hum drum of boring hackery is to get outside your head and write about stuff you know nothing about.  Some of the best jokes are stuff that people just thought might be funny.  Observational comedy about a Baby on Board sign has me laughing when Geoff Mackay hits the stage.  Full performance art comedy has me in stitches every time Trevor Thompson mentions the "hippie LADY", and Matt Carter deadpans on how gay he looks.  They take things that other people are not doing, and make it funny.

None of my jokes are based on fiction; everything I say has some truth to it, from dogs resenting me during a dogsled ride, to how pleasurable I find PAP's, there is some truth, or irony in them.  I have lived a life that I could get quite a bit of material from, but am scared to get out and try something new.  As a relative newbie, I enjoy the small comforts of talking about foreplay with my husband as I know they will usually get a laugh from an audience who might be able to relate.  I enjoy the easy life  at times, what can I say.  

I am committing here and now to write more jokes that fall out of the hack aka comfort zone.  They may not be funny and they may take time to develop, but if I actually want to move forward in my comedy then something needs to change, so who's with me?  Who is committing to get rid of tired material that everyone has heard before?  Who longs to be as witty as Nick Carter, or as mother freaking awesome as Alex Wood.  (not many can)

I do comedy for an outlet for my insane life, but want this outlet to be hack free.  I have no idea where to start, but am excited to begin..............................

And for God sakes people, PLEASE, for the love of God, I don't care about your testicles just as much as you don't care about my vagina, so let's all call truce, okay?

J. Hayward

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Round 3: Momentum

Tonight was round 3 of the Yuk Yuk's Pro Am Comedy Competition (brought to you by Steam Whistle and Live 88.5).  Yuk Yuk's was full to the rafters, the comedians were pacing in the green room, beer was pouring nicely by the talented Shawn the Bartender, and the audience was ready for anything!  The feeling in the room was supportive, excited and everything an amateur or "New Talent" night should be!

To start the evening off, never fail Alex Wood was this week's host.  He brought his best material forward, everything from racists street signs to interviewing for a job at Chapters.  If you have never seen Mr. Wood, he can be described as high energy, perfect delivery, and irresistible charm.  He warms the crowd up exceptionally well and brings out the first act.................

Adrian Cronk, who hits the stage discussing being half black and half white, then moving to sexual topics such as dating a virgin.  Cronk has a good stage demeanor and an excellent voice.  One wishes he would slow down and take a bit of time to enjoy the laughter, but he races through to get all his material out.  After a successful set, out comes.............

thierno djibril diouf who comes out discussing why people want a 12 inch penis, comparing it to ordering a foot long sandwich.  He then discusses Ben Rice commercials, and has some good bits on different levels of blackness within his black community.  He seemed a bit nervous, but then pushed through his nerves to deliver a decent set.  Then came...............

Eric Dolan, who has a nice "stoner" vibe to him.  I won't say he was nervous; however, he did refer to his notes four times throughout his set, and not in a subtle way, he just brought the book up with him and started reading!  That aside, he had some interesting bits on V-neck sweaters and Hot Yoga.  He clearly did not understand what the lighting system meant as he kept going past his time.  Yikes, but then came.............................

Chris Mulawyshyn who traveled all the way from Thunder Bay to deliver his set tonight.  He begins discussing wanting to have his testicles enlarged, then discussing how he looks like an electrician, and has a very clever bit on the rise of gay Irishmen!  He gets some good laughs, and can now rest while.................

Skip Phillips takes the stage.  Skip has a strong and confident voice, and it is clear he has been working on his set.  He discusses his lack of love for excel gum commercials, and then moves into his dark and dirty material, discussing what can be labelled "Cleveland Steamer" and other such bodily function type jokes.  He ends strong, and someone jokes "always end on a pedophile joke!".  Too funny!

Alex Wood does more of his solid material to bridge between amateur and professionals.  Mike Lynch also comes to perform some time while results are tabulated for the amateurs.

Now the professionals, and out pops my boy from the hood, Mr. Don Kelly!  Kelly first charmingly sucks up to the judges, then moves into his A material on everything from his show on APTN, to his efforts to help Earth Hour!  Kelly is always a treat and tonight is no exception.  He is a hard act to follow, but................

Ed Gougeon takes the stage with his exceptionally high energy discussing his love of sandwiches.  He moves to talking about his children, and then naturally flows to talking about his vasectomy.  Well done Ed!  Then comes...........

Geoff Mackay who does a great job joking about toaster settings, baby on board signs, and a hilarious bit on messing with police officers with an Australian accent.  He does good, and leaves the crowd loving him.

Ack, oh it would be hard to be a judge tonight!  While tabulations occur, guest and last week's professional winner Trevor Thompson takes the stage.  Trevor delight as always, and now we have our winners:

Amateur:  Adrian Cronk, Skip Phillips
Professional:  Geoff Mackay

Everyone who performed tonight did a great job, but alas, only three can move on to the semi-finals.

Next week more preliminary rounds exist and if I can give anyone any advice, it is to make a reservation as the room gets packed!  To call for tickets to next week or any other time, please contact (613) 236-LAFF!

Until next week,

jh2 out of jh5!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Round 2: Buzz

Tonight was round 2 of the Steam Whistle Presents "Yuk Yuk's Pro Am Comedy Competition".  The room is full with people of all ages and all walks of life.  The manager of the club is dressed to the nines and greets every patron with a smile.  In the backroom the amateur comedians are pacing back and forth, going over their lines and looking nervous.  The professional comedians are a bit more relaxed while catching up with each other over a beverage.  The Rolling Stones "Paint it Black" begins to play, the house lights go down, the spot light is lit, it's time for the show to begin!

The host and MC for the evening comes onstage with high energy to get the crowd warmed up.  Greg Schroeder does a great job as MC, and one of the first things he notices is that one of his former students is in the audience.  The student informs that he has travelled the world since graduating, and Schroeder quips "in high school you couldn't even find your pencil, how the hell did you manage across the world".  And so begins some fun banter!  Schroeder delivers on his tried and true material, and warms everyone up for what is to come.......

The first act is Scott King.  King is relatively new to comedy, and his jokes about fast food have mixed reaction from the crowd.  Some enjoy them, some are a bit lukewarm, but he continues on with his set.  It is never easy to take the bullet, and some of his nerves show, but overall he does a good job.  Out next is..........

Ken Strangeway, who comes out talking about his balls and how magnificent they are.  He moves to his enjoyment of Queen Sized Women and moves to discussing infertility.  He has good segues, but doesn't pause to let the audience enjoy the jokes he just told.  He does a good job with positive audience response.  Up next is...............

Dan Wire, who comes out with long hair, and does his best to overcome his nerves; however, doesn't quite get there tonight.  It happens to any comedian at any time.  He gets a very good laugh when he discusses his love of pot, and finishes his set, and out comes.....................

Mike Daly, who is obviously the best dresser of all the comedians.  He brings this up in his act, the man is wearing a fabulous suit with great shoes.  Classy dresser for sure, and the crowd is responsive to him.  He delivers a very good set for sure!  When done, the last amateur comedian for the night is..............

Chris Timms, recently back from Vancouver.  Timms has honed his skills during his time living in BC.  He begins telling the audience about his family "I have a brother from another mother and a sister from another mister", and moves to some jokes about hockey teams.  The crowd really enjoys him.

Greg does some time in the middle, to split up the amateur and the professional category.  It is important for the judges (Jen Traplin and Dave Schellenberg of Live 88.5, and Karen Wilson and Rebecca Stanstic who are experts in social media and blogging) to have a clear distinction between the ams and the pros so they are not comparing them to each other when scoring.  People often wonder how the scoring works; perhaps your favourite did not get in and you wonder why not?  The judges have four different categories to mark up to 25 points each.  One comedian may score very high in one and very low in another, while another comedian may get consistent medium marks.  All the judges totals are taken to create an average, and therefore it is whomever gets the highest points.  If someone consistently impressed all four judges with high scores then they likely will come out the victor.  So while you may really enjoy someone, they are judged by the judges on specific criteria, and that is what is followed.  Judging is a tough job, and tonight's judges are great!

When Schroeder is done reading a story written by one of his fourteen year old students (which is amazing, and gets hysterical laughs and applause), he brings out the first pro............

Nick Carter, who begins by addressing his name sake and his sexy appeal.  Carter is a favourite both on and off the stage for JH5.  He brings out some great material on how creepy he is, and delivers a slightly awkward rant on how people do not know the origin of the saying "ignorance is bliss".  After an awkward pause, he gets to his punch line with impeccable timing and everyone is with him and laughs.  Great job Carter.  Then out comes.........

Jessica Salomon, who trekked in from Montreal for the show.  Salomon is also a JH5 favourite (spoiler alert, all the pros on tonight are our favourites, they are all that good) and begins by saying "eff (she said the word) perfectly bilingual people".  She has the audience with her wit and charm, and moves forward with jokes about the vein on her forehead and into a great and original bit on her experience with one night stands.  Forever will we giggle when we hear "complimentary sleepover".  Great job Salomon, and then out pops.......

Rabbi David Rotenberg, who brought Jewish culture to the club in a hilarious way.  I really want to see "Hitler on the Roof!".  He handled an awkward situation with excellence:  After a joke someone yelled out "that was in poor taste" (it wasn't) to which he said "REALLY?? that was in poor taste??  Someone was out here talking about creative names for porn sites, and THIS is in poor taste?". The audience laughed with hysteria at this, and all we can say is "well done Rabbi!".

Trevor Thompson.  For those who know our blog, you will remember he is one of our true favourites.  He has been on a roll in comedy, getting better and stronger each time on stage, and tonight is no exception.  He calls out the competition "all we actually win is free hot dog buns" and moves into some of his grade A material on linguistic bickering, college rivalries and hippies.  The crowd is riveted by him, it is an excellent performance.

When he is done, JH5 and Yuk Yuk's management  tally the scored while Alex Wood entertains the audience.  He is one of the most likable comics for his easy going smile, charm, and his accessible jokes. He entertains whilst the comedians are anxious to know the results.  Out comes Greg to announce them and they are...................


1.  Chris Timms
2.  Ken Strangeway


1.  Trevor Thompson
2.  Jessica Salomon

The crowd applauds their approval to the judges choices.  It is important for us to note that the line between second and third place in both categories was thin, so good job to everyone else as well!

Each person will be moving on to a semi-final round on August 17 or august 24 respectively.

Once again a great night is had, the audience had fun, and the comics go celebrate together after the show. Next week will be another great week, so do NOT wait to book your tickets at 236-LAFF.  For $6.00 you get a show and then some!  See you next week!

J Hayward

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Guest Blogger TuJoHaHa: The Montreal Comedy Scene


"Hey Ottawa! What a great week I had. I've seen more shows in the past seven days than I have all month of June. Work is a bitch but we need to eat. And I loooove to eat! I might not look like it but food is my muse! Especially in the summer with BBQ ribs, burgers, sausages... 

                     *Homer drooling sounds*     

Jessica Salomon
 So, like I mentioned last week, I went out to The Comedy Bistro on Wednesday July 6th, which will be a monthly show put on by Jessica Salomon. It was a delight because I had some your locals on stage. Matthew Carter and Jimmy Cassidy. To balance the boat, Jess had two french comics doing their English sets. Benjamin Marquis and Bruce Fauveau. Bianca Yates had a killer set, perfecting her craft every time. With our super treat, DeAnne Smith, warming up for her Zoofest  and Just For Laughs show. She played her ukulele and had "6 minutes on the clock", some ad lib she does with the crowd. She is way hotter tha Bieber will ever be and I'm convinced that he stole his whole look from her. She comes to Ottawa often so catch her when you can!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
                                                                               Le Bistro du Parc des Princes is a sweet intimate venue.  Good seating all around, amazing wait staff and from what I could see and how people were ordering, the food is awesome.Famous for there sangria, why? Because it is the bomb! With lots of fruit and perfect balance of wine and juice, just the drink to satisfy a warm evening summer thirst. I can't wait to go back. The plateau is summed up well in this place.     
Doug Stanhope came to town on Thursday, July 7th and it was a blast! Katacombes was jammed packed and sold out, the booze was flowing and everyone was eager to see and cheer on the man! What an amazing show. Rob Mailloux opened up with a bang. Dan Derkson is becoming the greatest host ever and always perfecting his art.So lively, stage and crowd controlling not to mention completely hysterical and the room loved him  My hubby-to-be was with me and like he says: "If you can make me laugh every time with the same bit, you're doing something right!" Franck Chevrier was the cream in the show and the one who put it all together along side his pod-casters Tony Lalonde and Kara Mabee. Doug Stanhope did a solid hour and then some, completely destroying. He was hysterical, clever, tear jerking and a complete joy to watch. I think they really appreciated us as a crowd. We loved all sets and weren't like he said: " Fuck you, we want to see Stanhope." And it's true. The audience was there for the whole experience and everyone left more than satisfied. Next week, I'll put up the link to their podcast, This Won't Blow, with the Man himself. For now you can check out the last one they did with the Devil Dan Derkson himself, right here.  It was an amazing show and another reminder of why I love what I do!      
Until next week Ottawa, keep on laughing                     

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Round 1: Beginnings

Today began the Steam Whistle Presents "Yuk Yuk's Pro Am Comedy Competition" sponsored by Live 88.5 and Steam Whistle.  There will be six rounds, each with professionals and amateurs competing in their respective categories.  How did it go?  Let's find out..............................

The first night had five amateurs and three professionals competing.  The amateurs sat in the green room going over notes, pacing, and looking generally nervous.  Of course they would be, as the top two advance to the semi-finals with a chance to win a coveted weekend spot at Yuk Yuk's Ottawa.   This is what all amateur comedians dream of as their next step to super stardom, or whatever their goals are.  The professionals look calm, cool, and collected!

Three judges are in the house tonight, all representing various marketing and media sources.  They are left with their judging criteria sheets, and the show begins with...............

"A Good Start" Trevor Thompson takes the stage as respected host and MC.  If you don't get the "A Good Start" quote, all I can say is 'should have been there!"  Thompson never fails and tonight is no exception.  He attempts to engage some women in the audience who will not participate and giggle a lot, and then turns to some of his "A" material, to the crowds delight.   He explains the rules and is ready to get the show going by introducing the first amateur of the night...........

Mark Adamson takes the stage.  It is never easy to bite the bullet and be the first person, but he does and comes out with enthusiasm.  He has a bit of a slow start, but wins the audience over with tales of fatherhood and what he will do to future men courting his daughter!  When done, Thompson comes out and brings out................

Mark Nesseth, who has a spot on Christopher Walken impression.  Nesseth goes on to do material that is a general hit with the crowd.   He has a very polished voice, and looks like he is comfortable on stage.  He leaves the audience satisfied and next up is..............

Derek McFarland who brings his funny, with a polished and unique voice. Highlight joke is discussing ear worming Walmart with Mario Brother tunes!  Out next is...........

Francois Tousignant, who brings a heavy French accent and explains he has only been performing in English for a little while.  His English is very broken but  his jokes are not.  He charms the audience with many jokes including the difference between France and Quebec accents, as well as hilarious bit I won't mention as it will spoil the joke, but violence has never been so charming!  Thompson then brings out............

Paddy Mack who  takes on religion with crass and charm, then turning the set on to tried and true material about eleven years of marriage.  This material plays well to all, but his comment "and I mean real marriage not this common law bull S#@t" is a big hit with the couples in the room.

The amateur portion is over and while judges tabulate filler Aaron Power takes the stage and, well he will be recapped when he is on during the competition.  I must say at this point that when the competition is laid out like this, with amateurs then professionals, a shift occurs.  Everyone is enjoying the show with the amateurs.  Some hits, some misses, some really heavy laughter, and everyone is having fun.  Then out comes the professionals, and the difference is palpable.  This does not take away from amateurs, nay in fact, this professional status is what they are all working so hard for!  The shift does occur, and it is like the audience has a really tasty burger and fries for dinner, and SUPRISE; out pops creme brulee for dessert!

The first dessert is Graham Kay, who starts off talking about his hair, and delivers a killer set.  Everyone enjoys it.  Then comes Wafik Nasralla who also delivers zing after zing from topics such as pot to necrophilia   Thirdly comes Greg Schroeder who brings his experience as a father and teacher to the stage in a fabulous performance.  The judges has their work cut out for them!

Let's cut to one caveat here:  No one likes comedy competitions, except those who end up winning.  Like any art form, it is subjective and although their are specific winners, there are no losers.  Let me say that again:  THERE ARE NO LOSERS.  Anyone brave enough to get on stage and have the guts to perform is a winner for trying and giving it their all.  This is what was clear tonight; that each person gave their 110% and to push performers to up their ante and their game is exactly why competitions are good.  Getting people to compete, even with themselves will push them to do the best they can.  If they do the best they can then they are not losers, and no one should walk away feeling bad after a competition.  Bravo to you all!  All that said, the winners are.............

Amateur:  Francois Tousignant and Paddy Mack
Professional:  Graham Kay

These folks will all move on to the next stage in the competition.  What I love about comedy is no matter how you place, you are still out having a drink or singing a karaoke tune together when done.  Comedy is a world made up of people with like minded interests getting together for the love of a craft.  Win or lose, the night was great and the real winners, as always, are the audience members who received an excellent show.

Thank you to Yuk Yuk's as always for hosting and producing great comedy.  I can't wait until next week!  If you go to our facebook page Yuk's passes for future shows!

Pass this review/recap on, and get reservations for next week show, which is already half sold out!  Do not miss out, so call 236-LAFF (5233) to reserve your spot today!

Until next week,

Jenn H.
JH2 of JH5

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hi my name is Johanne Britton and I'm excited to write for the JH-5 comedy blog. I too write about the comedy scene around Montreal. I love to laugh and what better way to show my appreciation tell the world about the talent we have in our city. Just like Jen. I'll be bringing you every week a post on the Montreal scene. I'll start with a comic who will be gracing Ottawa as well as Toronto on his world tour. Doug Stanhope, the crude, the hilarious, forgot about being PC. He's just great! I can't wait to see him this Thursday at Katacombes, 1635 St-Laurent in Montreal. He will be in Ottawa, the next day at Mavericks Bar, 221 Rideau St. He is a comedian to be watched. He will make you ohh and ahh and laugh out so loud, you'll cry. I agree his humor is not for the weak or easily offended, but if you can let go of your pride for a bit you will see that he is just amazing.Get your tickets here at Brown Paper TicketsOttawa ; Montreal
Opening for him both shows will be Franck Chevrier from This Won't Blow
. A podcast put on by himself, Tony Lalonde, Kara Mabee every couple of weeks. Check it out!

This coming up week, Jessica Salomon has another edition of Comedy Bistro! Featuring your headliner DeAnne Smith, back from her travels in Australia. Catch her while you can! She is just a treasure, great story teller and passionate about what she does. Definitely worth the trip down! With an excellent line-up like this:

Bianca Yates
Bruce Fauveau
Benjamin Marquis
Jimmy Cassidy
Matt Carter

How can you resist?! This is going down on Wednesday.July 6th at Le Bistro du Parc des Princes, 5293 ave. du Parc.Show starts at 8pm. Tickets are 7$ and you to reserve please call: (514) 678-5727 or email:

Being Canada day yesterday, you have to escuse the short post! But I'll be back next week with more comedy news from Montreal! So keep supporting live comedy, no matter where you are!
Take care