Friday, July 9, 2010

Start up of JH5

JH5 Promotions and Consulting is now in business. Welcome to our site. Before I blog a bit about our philosophy and what we have planned in the near future, I would like to address why we exist.

Let's start over ten years ago, when I walked down the aisle a single and free woman, and changed from Jennifer Holtom to Jennifer Hayward. (yes I took Josh's name, it was MY choice)
For the first eight years of our marriage, we were JH2. We put ourselves through school, fostered children, volunteered and worked for a plethera of non-profit agencies (I MISS you YWCA of Regina) and lived our relatively peaceful existance. We were unsuccessful at becoming more than JH2, but enjoyed our life anyway.

In 2008 we moved from Regina, SK to Ottawa, ON. How exciting, the big city, a new fabulous federal government job, a new adventure to be had. While here we approached the local Children's AID Society about fostering and adoption. Short version: four months later we adopted three children, aged 4,5, & 6, all with "J" names, thus becoming JH5.

Two years of learning to be a family, and here we are. I work full-time and do comedy on the side, and Josh is a full time stay-at-home-parent. We decided at this point that we wanted to build something, and leave a legacy of sorts for the kids. We wanted to do something as JH5.
After years of working for non-profits and government jobs, and a endless supply of creative ideas, I wanted to start producing and promoting shows; not just any shows, but those that follow our values and beliefs. (I still do not enjoy sitting in a comedy club hearing men call women names that I will not repeat here)

We are a team: I do most of the producing, Josh does most of the errands, and the children are our inspiration! My six year old daughter even came up with a joke she wants me to do on stage:

Knock Knock
Who's There?
Banana Who?

(too cute)

We have two show coming out, please check them out at . We will use this blog to update, but also share perspectives from the world of JH5. We hope you join us on our journey to make quality shows, consult on gender and cultural diversity, and provide a legacy for our children; for without them, JH5 would not exist, both in life, and in work.

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