Friday, January 21, 2011

Review Absolute Comedy January 20, 2011

I got to the show at Absolute comedy with 4 friends of mine that I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was a great atmosphere in the room and was a perfect setting for this little reunion of ours.

DeAnne Smith was the MC for the evening. What a great job! She had total control of the room. This is in fact what an MC is supposed to do, get the audience fluffed and ready for the comics. She did it and she did it well. She was fantastic, as strong as they come. She had the crowd in the palm of her hand one minute into the show. It was fantastic to watch. I looked around the room while she was well into her intro and the people were in stiches. From making fun of her looks to hating children, she was a delight to listen to. No one, not even those annoying people in the right corner of the room (that wouldn’t stop talking) stopped talking. Really solid DeAnne!

The next comic to follow was Nick Carter, a local favourite here in Ottawa. I have seen Carter perform this same routine for the last year and it is hit and miss. The crowd is responsive at first; however, his set just falls short this time with this specific audience.

Following Carter, was Craig Fay. A loveable guy for the women! The girls just seem to love this comic, not because of his looks but his jokes. They seemed catered to women. His “feel sorry for me kind of humour” worked really well. It was good and enjoyable!

On walked Ryan Cull. The show stealer hands down for this evening. He made the crowd laugh what seemed to be endless amount of time. No down time, no lags just laughs and more laughs. From joke to joke he just keep shooting them out. It was fantastic to have seen him perform. The crowd adored him. Look out for Cull, he’s got something.

The headliner for this evening was Lou Eisen. I had seen Eisen before and his show was the same as last time. Boring and uninspired. No one was laughing. It was uncomfortable to be a part of. Some people left during his set. I enjoy Absolute comedy, and feel they can do much better than Eisen. I would much prefer to have seen much more of Cull and Fay.

Think I am wrong? Then check it out for yourself at Absolute Comedy on Preston Ave.

Review by Skip Phillps: Guest Reviewer

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