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Kate Davis

One evening 14 years ago, in a cultural and friendly suburb of Toronto, a mom put her two children to bed.  Exhausted after a full day mothering her children, she makes an impulsive decision to try stand-up comedy.  The first time people choose to attempt stand-up comedy is often a process of contemplation, calling in to open mic’s, and fretting over their first performance.  For Kate Davis, it was a decision to go to the only venue open to get a drink after kids were in bed.  She enjoyed her relaxing drink, and decided to attempt comedy, and was hooked from that day forward.  To her it felt like a first kiss, and she wanted to go all the way!

Kate Davis
On her first time out, she had no prepared material, but told stories about what she knew; motherhood.  The audience loved her theatrical way of speaking, and anyone who has children knows there is no shortage of material to draw from.  After this night, she regularly called Yuk Yuk’s and soon became a hit.  It seems this was serendipitous, as Davis has evolved from a mother and amateur comic, to a professional comic, amazing mother, motivational speaker, and runs parenting classes as well.  All this, and she has only just begun.             

She has then become the FunnyMommy!   14 years ago, she was one of the few, if not the only woman in Canada doing jokes about motherhood.  Comedy often comes from what you know, and raising three children (she had her third five years after the first two) will provide an immense amount of inspiration. As her children have grown up, her overall message to people is to lighten up.

Kate Davis
Comedy ended up being the most logical choice for careers as it allowed her to write while children were napping and perform comedy twice a week while they were sleeping at night.  As any mom knows, the last person you take care of is yourself, so comedy was Davis’s outlet, something that made her giddy and was just for her.  The Rolling Stones wrote about “Mother’s Little Helper” being a little yellow pill, for but Davis the helper was comedy.  

Davis believes funny is funny and it does not matter what gender you are.  That said, 14 years ago comedy was not as open for women as it is today.  Davis notes the most critical eyes on her during this time were her neighbours, who may have thought her a ‘lady of the night’, as she left the home at night looking like a million dollars!  

Davis still has friends she met while peforming comedy 14 years ago.  She credits Kenny Robinson, and Martha Chaves among others for mentoring her and being there as strong colleagues during the good and bad times.  Her favourite venue to perform at has is and always will be Yuk Yuk’s downtown Toronto, it is always full, and has kept the magic over the 14 years she has been performing comedy.  Davis continues to write new comedy, and enjoys trying out new material at the open mic, her favourite being Jo-anna Downey’s room.

In comedy standing ovations are rare, and Davis would label her favourite gigs those times where spontaneous standing ovations occurred.  That said, Davis is humble is happy just to be performing and doing what she loves.  She does recall her worst gig in England.  She was booed off the stage at a venue that catered to men, and Davis made a joke for them not to worry, she had a penis.  They booed until she left.  She will always remember this experience, but brushed it off and kept going!  

Davis’s love of comedy is clear.  There cannot imagine doing anything else, and regardless where her life takes her, comedy, in one form or another, will always be part of her life.  She advises new young comedians to just get up and do it.  Get stage time, write and try your material.  You must have a passion for it though, you cannot sort of do comedy, you have to go all the way!

JH5 is proud to present Davis as WHO TO WATCH, a comedian of strength, talent, and a laid back personality that just says 'lighten up'.  Davis can be seen this week at the Shattered Ceiling Cabaret on Tuesday, or Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club this weekend with Trevor Borris.

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