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Absolute Comedy Review: February 10, 2011

COMEDY REVIEW Feb 10, 2011

As always, Absolute Comedy is packed and the young audience is buzzing with anticipation. The lights flash on, the Eminem song stops and the feisty MC, Pierre Brault starts his ramblings. Brault did some top notch warming up, although the crowd was already pretty interactive. He spoke to the group of people that were going to Antarctica for some reason, and referred back to that country various times throughout his set. He spoke to the drunken girls, and even spoke to the girl in the front row who was not aware that comedy etiquette involves NOT texting throughout the entire show.

Pierre Brault then brought to the stage Jeff Schouela, and the audience is confused why a professional comedian acted so nervous. Maybe it’s just his stage persona? Or maybe he knew that –apart from his abbreviation jokes- a lot of his bits didn’t work for this audience. While some of his dirtier jokes did very well, I’m sure he’s had better shows.

The host popped back onto the stage, and at this point has started look like a garden gnome on cocaine (This is a big compliment. Gnomes are hilarious.). He describes how the Americans at customs pronounce his name; it was exceptionally funny and the crowd could not have agreed more.

Headliner time! The moment Derick Lengwenus walked onto the stage, everyone loved him. He propositioned a couple for a threesome, and his endearing personality made it acceptable for him to verbally destroy the texting girl in the front row. About half-way through his set, he did an impression of the female reproductive system. Describing it would not do it justice. He ended his set with a very original Christopher Walken impression, then proceeded to make amends with Texty McFrontRow by giving her his CD for free.

Overall a great night, and definitely a WHAT TO WATCH for this weekend. To make your reservations call 613-233-8000.

Sophie Buddle, Contributing Reviewer

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