Friday, March 4, 2011

Absolute Comedy Recap/Review March 3, 2011

Absolute Comedy was busy this evening.  The audience was diverse many corporate/bureaucratic types, and many more have arrived as part of a fundraiser for Victims Services.  They are however energetic and ready for a night of  good comedy.

Mike Paterson

The host for the evening is Mike Paterson.  Paterson explodes on stage with the energy of an Elf on speed.  He come out loud, slightly obnoxious while managing to remain charming and likable.  He is in your face, but people want him to be.  He interacts with the crowd, MAKING them wake up, talk to him,  finding humour in everythign people say.  He is a host with a keen sense of the room, where to shake people up, and where to put on the charm as needed, all while making everyone comfortable and ready to listen and laugh.

Matt Carter

Matt Carter
Paterson  introduces  opening act, Matt Carter.  Carter, a regular at Absoloute Comedy begins with a joke about his ambiguous sexuality, which has the crowd in stitches.  Carter, a handsome fellow, has the crowd so engaged in his material, a table of five young ladies actually cite "Awesome" during his act.  He riffs on subjects ranging from Andre the Giant to identify theft.  He is someone to watch as a future star, and the audience is very enamoured with his comedy.

Fraser Young
Fraser Young

Paterson comes back to stage, does a few "flatulence & male genetalia" jokes, and keeps the young crowd laughing.  He then introduces headliner, Fraser Young. Young has a 'goofy', laid back self-depreciating style of humor, which is pleasing to the audience.  He spends a large portion of his stage time telling the crowd of some of  his 'bad life decisions', hopefully sending a warning to the audience, while entertaining them.  One of his notable anicdotes is about his decision to go ahead and eat expired bacon.  Don't do it people.  His style is relaxed, comfortable, and is a perfect contrast to the brazen in your face comedy style of Paterson.

Overall the night is laid out perfectly, starting with the amazing energetic talents of Paterson, followed by velvet smooth comedy of Carter, ending with the slowed down antics of Young, all cumulaing in a night of great comedy.  JH5 is proud to identify this as WHAT TO WATCH this weekend.

Reservations are recommended, and can be made by calling  Absolute Comedy at: 233-8000.

Josh Hayward

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