Friday, March 4, 2011

Comedy Recap Yuk-Yuk's March 4th/2011

Last night at Yuk-Yuk's on Elgin street was half price student night and by the looks of things Canada's student age has increased to an average of 42. There were students out  but on this night it was mostly a 30+ crowd.
Paul Haywood
Paul Haywood 
The first act of the night was none other than Paul Haywood(comedy now), the host for the evening. Haywood seemed at ease right from the beginning of the show, mostly interacting with the audience,  instead of going with a rehearsed set list. When he did reach into his bag of goodies like when he explains that all Newfoundlanders will ask you if you want Bologna with everything you purchase in Newfoundland. The receptive crowd was lured in from that point on. It was a great way to get a show going in the right direction. Haywood, sporting Quebec Nordiques  t-shirt, shows a great deal of ease when performing and has great facial expressions that make the audience reeled in.

Julien Dionne
Next in line was Julien Dionne, a Yuk-Yuk's regular. The audience seemed a little hesitant at first but Dionne made sure that interaction with the crowd (receptive all night) got the comedic rhythm going. Interaction with the crowd was vital. Not only did it get the ball rolling in the right direction it seemed necessary. All in all, a really good set enjoyed by all.

John Hastings
The third comic of the evening was John Hastings. A vegetarian!  The John Hastings Fan Club was out in full force on this night giving him a warm reception when he got on stage.  Hastings soft spoken approach worked effectively.  Rarely do you ever see an audience listen to a comic so deep. The room was quiet and very receptive to Hastings comfort level all of his set. A really good experience.

Scott Faulconbridge
A seasoned pro, Scott Faulconbridge took the stage. Wearing a nice fancy jacket and nice shoes Faulcon Bridge shows why he is a pro.  Again at first, the crowd needed a few minute to feel him out.  He doesn't take long to start getting the laughs. At one point, Faulconbridge mentions that it's possible to have a sad situation turn into a funny situation (IE: his father at a funeral was supposed to pick up ashes of the deceased-sad, when he picked up the ashes his father  fell down with the ashes. Funny! This got great laughs. Using mostly personal material about his children, Faulconbridge shows the audience why he is a Pro. Forty plus minutes of real solid material!
A great new night of laughs.

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The JH5 highly recommend this as "What to Watch" this weekend. For reservations (always recomended) call Yuk-Yuk's 613-236-5233

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